Pre-Planned Maintenance

Pre-Planned Maintenance

We are a family-run business with over 25 years experience in drain care.
TCM Draincare offer cost effective solutions to keep your drains in working order.

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Pre-planned Maintenance

Tailored maintenance programs

We offer tailored pre-planned maintenance services to suit any system. A lot of our customers will organize maintenance services ahead of poor weather conditions to prevent flooding around commercial properties and on car parks. Our maintenance services are designed to keep your drainage system in great working condition.

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Pre-Planned Maintenance

Preventing Car Park Flooding

Heavy storms can lead to car park flooding, causing inconvenience and possible damage. Our pre-planned maintenance services involves inspecting your drainage system and clearing and blockages to make sure water is draining away as it should to prevent any flooding.

Proactive Maintenance

We ensure that your drainage system is in perfect working order ahead of extreme weather conditions to help prevent flooding around your property and car park. We use up to date technology to check your drains for any blockages, damage or leaks and resolve any issues quickly and affordably.

Finding The Perfect Solution

The small and friendly team at TCM Draincare use a variety of methods to identify problems with your drainage system, allowing us to find the perfect solution to get the system back in perfect working order and prevent any potential flooding.

For more information, or to schedule your drain repair, please contact TCM Draincare at 07496 092 461.

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